I’ll Make You Think

Mum’s Word was born out of my need to discuss social issues, news and current affairs topics regarding parenting and how it fits in our social landscape; with all its nuances, contradictions and changes. Where we’ve been and where we are going.

I’m a first generation Australia born to migrant Greek parents so I’ve spent my whole life just trying to figure out the world we live in, how we live in it and what I believe.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers; in fact I have more questions than answers. But that’s okay; because what I want to do is make you think. And then maybe you can clue me in.

Want to contact me? Email me at maria@mariatedeschi.com

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  • At 2012.08.07 21:27, Hedewich said:

    Hi Maria, here in Holland it’s 12.30 pm and i.m still lazy in my pyjama’s. I had a wonderful holiday in Greek, 1 week Santorini , 1 week Naxos cyclades islands. The greek hsospitlity is the best is te world i think, every one is so kind and they are working so hard, and with the financiel crisis it’s hard to live there. Have you ever been in your parents country? There where a lot of Australians there also. And today i’m going to try writing my own blog, shall i use my own name or a synoniem, i don’t know yet. I want to write about mariage children work , my own webshop that i want to start. So much work to do for me, Hedewich goes in social media at the age of 48 . Sorry my englisch is not good enough to write a whole lot. I’m from Holland.

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