Think About This… Video Series

Think About This… is a series of video posts that will feature here on Mum’s Word. My aim to explore the thoughts and opinions of other parents because we are all in this together (that’s not a High School Musical quote…really).

I would love to read your comments on Think About This…


  • At 2012.05.10 07:13, Seana Smith said:

    Hi there Mrs M, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching one of these videos just now. Love the great production values!! It’s refreshing to see a well-shot and edited video on a blog, but it was simple too and nothing distracted from the content.

    For me, 7 minutes is too long… it’s early morning and I don’t have much time and that’s often the case… also I’d have loved to know what the topics were on the video.

    Will watch the other one, which is the first one…. soon!

    • At 2012.05.10 18:03, Maria said:

      Hi Seana,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes I agree that 7 mins is too long. I was experimenting with times. The first ep is about 4 mins which is a good length I think.

      I plan to do more. Just tying up loose ends.

      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

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