About a month ago I announced to the family and friends that Mr M and I are expecting Baby No. 4.

Congratulations and delight abound I was feeling pretty good. Until I read the following article.

Green group calls for one child policy


AUSTRALIA should consider having a one-child policy to protect the planet, an environmental lobby group says.

Sustainable Population Australia says slashing the world’s population is the only way to avoid “environmental suicide”.

National president Sandra Kanck wants Australia’s population of almost 22 million reduced to seven million to tackle climate change.

Restricting each couple to one baby, as China does, is “one way of assisting to reduce the population”.

I have one question. If we all lived a little greener then wouldn’t that have more impact than simply reducing the population and sticking to our bad habits?

I recently saw a documentary titled “Baby Boom to Bust” on SBS. Simply it explores the ageing populations and shrinking birth rates that most first world countries are experiencing and what affect this will have on the economy on said country. The welfare system, growth and prosperity.

Even if you only look at the family unit, the documentary states that by the middle of the 21st century more than half the Italian population will have no siblings or extended family. Is this a concern?

Another point to consider is that in Australia, and around the world it would appear, the birth rate of most first world countries has been declining yet the world’s population is increasing.

I had a quick look at a few parenting forums and in particular large family forums and found that large families are very conscious of the world and the circumstances they find themselves in. Granted, they drive larger cars but tend to bath siblings together, are quite savvy with their money budget and tend to dispose of less. Hole in a sock? mend it. No biscuits in the pantry? Bake them. Ran out of eggs and cucumbers? Go to the backyard to get them. Large families tend to go on more driving than flying holidays.

Which brings me back to my original question. If we all lived a little more green, would that have more impact than simply reducing the population?

I’m no expert so would love to hear from those are well versed in the above.

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