Honestly, if there is one thing I have an abundance of, it’s clutter.  Why am I blessed with this great gift?  I don’t know how it happens but I just manage to accumulate it.  And honestly it feels like I’m drowning.  I am trying to get a handle on it.

What do I do?  Move to a bigger house?  Okay, just putting logistics and realism aside for a minute, I’m not sure space is my problem.  Clutter is my problem.

Mr M commented on the weekend that spring has arrived and rightly so we should have a spring clean up.  When I point out to him that we were a little early this year and had a winter clean up, he remarks with, “well obviously it didn’t work”.  Obviously.

This clutter is really impacting my ability to think clearly.  These days I’m erratic at best and at worst just down right forgetful.

Another friend suggested I should go and find one of those ‘self help de-clutter your life and cook a fantastic roast to boot’ books.  Who has the time?  I’m too busy rustling through my clutter to find the car keys so I can pick the kids, bring them home, make afternoon tea, implore my daughter to clean up her desk.  Honestly, how does she expect to do her homework on a mound of bits and pieces?  Why does she have so much stuff on her desk?  Don’t answer that question.

And also I think, I’m too clever for those self help authors out there.  They’re just trying to get my dollars when I’m at my weakest.  (No… really?  Is that what they do?)

Well there are not getting my dollars.  I’m no fool; surely I can de-clutter myself.  I have a university degree; I worked high up the corporate ladder…well maybe 3/4; I’ve given birth (does that make me smart?)….four times; I’ve bought a car; I’ve bought a house; I’ve chosen schools; I’ve negotiated with toddlers.  I can do this.  Get me a pen and some paper and I’ll make a list.

Mr M’s suggestion to this dilemma is “if we get rid of the old stereo and dvd and buy an Apple Mac Mini that will make the living room look nicer.”  Yes, a new gadget is the answer.  How stupid of me.

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  • At 2010.06.16 15:59, Enzo said:

    A new gadget is ALWAYS the answer.

    Did I hear someone say iPad?

    • At 2010.06.16 16:37, Alex said:

      iPad of cause that would stop the clutter because to afford one you’d have to sell everything u own then after u buy one u will have no money left over to buy anything else…brilliant ;p

      • At 2010.06.16 17:08, Danny said:

        Oh my, I have this problem and I have to move… AHHHHH! I am hoping the move will include some purging of junk… Maybe???
        LOL at Alex

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