It has been 60-61 days since my last post.  I wish I could give you some fantastical reason why I’ve neglected you but I can’t….the dog ate my post?  No, that won’t do.

I know Blog, I made a commitment to you and for the last couple of months I’ve shown you no love.  I admit, that’s my bad.  I’m spread thin Blog between the 4 kids and their various activities and Mr M’s crazy hours working on his movie; if I don’t do the laundry every Tuesday and Saturday, wash the breakfast dishes before the morning school run and of course at some point buy food to feed the family, the whole thing will just fall  apart.  The downside is it leaves little time for well, I guess, me…and you Blog.

I do worry Blog that I’m short changing you and everyone.  Have I over-committed?  The question that just about every parent asks themselves.

But I need you Blog, I do.  I need the stimulation that you provide.  Without you, the mundane routine of chores and grocery shopping would surely drive me round the bend.  Housework does not satisfy nor sustain me.

But that’s what has been taking up all my time lately.  Where did those 61 days go?  What did I do with my time?  I can’t think of one significant thing.

I know raising children is a time consuming thing and sometimes it’s not the daily routine that brings you joy, it’s when you look back to see how much you’ve gained that brings a satisfactory smile to your face.

I’m concerned Blog that I’m not living every day to its fullest because I get so bogged down with the minutiae of running this household that I’m losing sight of the bigger picture.  You know when you get so close to something, you can’t see it clearly anymore.  I lose my way sometimes Blog.  I was hoping that you would be my grounding force but I have put you on the back burner which is not where you belong.

And you what the problem with putting you on the back burner is, when I decide that I need to return to you I feel like I’ve lost the ability to write, analyse, opine as well as I used to.  I’m rusty Blog.  I start to question whether I’m good enough anymore.  There are so many other Blogs out there with far more committed bloggers, how do I break back in?  Do I have anything valid to say anymore?

Well here’s my first baby step…again.  My life is a series of two steps forward, one step back….sometimes it’s 100 steps back.  But what else can you do, except to just get on with it.


  • At 2010.11.29 14:37, Enzo said:

    I’m sorry!

    • At 2010.11.29 18:13, Shani said:

      you can’t be everything to everyone…… I’m impressed that you have well fed, loved, educated children… I can’t even keep goldfish for longer that a couple of weeks… You are doing a fantastic job…so don’t beat yourself up. We all get swept up in the day to day,… always remember your blog is there everytime you need it…. and so are we….(your blogees)

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