Today I am in New York City. After Sydney traffic did it’s level best to scare the crap out of me with cherry pickers broken down on Southern Cross Drive and traffic backed up for 5 kilometres I got to my plane on time.

When Ianded at LAX and I was going through immigration and the officer asked me what I was doing in the US.  I told him it was a holiday and I would also attend a conference.

“A conference? Well that means you are here on business.”

“Okay, but I’m not conducting any business. I’m here to learn”.

“Exactly, you are here to take something away with you that you didn’t have before you entered the US”.

Now I wanted to say, “so does a holiday maker” but I didn’t want to appear as a smart arse and this man had the power to not let me enter the US.

I stepped outside just to get some fresh Los Angeles air before the next flight to NYC and my heart filled with joy to hear. The quote escapes me now but that how yellow line, white line.

On approach to NYC the plane had to circle around Manhattan a couple of times so I got a fantastic aerial view of New York and New Jersey.

Aerial shot from the airplane. Central Park is big.

Coming out of JFK airport instantly a guy tried to hussle me.

“You need a cab?”


“Okay come here and for $125 flat fee I’ll take you right to your hotel”.

$125 is a bit much isn’t it?”

“Okay $97 then”.

“Yellow taxi will do it for $45”.

“Yeah but that’s before 4pm”

I don’t think so my friend.

My cab ride wasn’t a disappointment; drivers overusing their horns, no regard for pedestrians and sirens wailing in the distance. I’m glad NYC doesn’t just bung this stuff on for the movies.

So the first thing I did was go to the Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien

The rules amused me. You had to pick if you want a hamburger or cheeseburger; how you want it cooked and what you want on your burger. And if you got the counter and didn’t know what you wanted, then you would be sent back to the end of the line.

The burger didn’t look pretty when I unwrapped it but it tasted divine. No wonder so many people rave about this place.

And then to end my evening I did the obligatory touristy thing to do and went down to Times Square. I should have taken my sunglasses.

I am somewhere in that electronic billboard.

The carbon tax alone on this small section of NYC would feel a small African nation.

Woody and Mario at Times Square.

And I am positive there was not one native New Yorker in Times Square.  Having said that a twitter friend from New York told me to not be so sure.

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    V. Jealous! Good to hear you’re making the most of it though!

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