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Now where’s that needle?

How can you tell that you’re getting through to your kids? Well I guess you have to wait until something happens that tests whatever it is you’re trying to teach your kids.


Let me explain.

Last week my 9 year old son came home and told me he got his pants caught on some wire subsequently ripping right through them.

“The teacher said that you could probably just sew it back up”, he said.

“Did she say ‘mum can sew it’?” I quizzed.

“Um, yeah, she said ‘Mum can sew it up’.

“She didn’t say ‘Dad can sew it up?’ I pressed.

My son is looking at me all confused, not quite knowing what I’m driving at. “I suppose he can do it. “

With a little urgency in my voice I ask, “what did she say exactly?”

“The teacher said that you could sew it back up. If you’re asking me, you can sew it up; Dad can sew it up. Whatever. I just wanted to let you know that I ripped my shorts”.

Thank you Alex. You have passed. Either your father or I can sew up your shorts.

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