I was just watching my kids chatting amongst themselves and laughing when I said, “I hope you all stay friends when you grow up”.

My 10 year old son says, “We’re friends now”.

“Yes, but I hope you stay friends”, I explain.

Looking at me like I’m a confused soul my 10 year old, in a slightly condescending voice, says, “Of course we will, we’re blood relatives.”

Truth be told, if nothing else, I want my children to have a relationship independent of me. I don’t want them to only stay in touch because I want them to. I don’t want them to only see each other at family gatherings.

My parents didn’t really take in interest in the relationship my siblings and I were fostering…or not fostering.

For my children I want it to be different. I always tell them, “don’t fight with your sister and/or brother, they could turn around and be your best ally one day.”  I don’t think they quite appreciate what I mean just yet.

With 4 children ranging from 12 years of age to 3 years of age, their biggest dilemma at the moment is who gets the tv at 6pm.

Sometimes my greatest joy isn’t to be involved with them constantly, but to sit back and watch them from a distance.

It’s also a lot quieter from a distance. 😉



  • At 2013.07.01 16:50, Gabbie Smith said:

    I hear you!

    What I would give to retire my whistle and stop playing referee to 10 rounds if “Mummahee”.

    You know that game don’t you?

    “Mumma heeee hit me!”
    “Mumma heeee won’t share!”
    “Mumma heeee looking at me!!!”

    That last one is my favourite.


    • At 2013.07.01 16:58, Maria said:

      Hey Gabs,

      Do your kids go from fighting to being best friends within the space of a minute? Mine do. I’ve learnt to give it a minute before saying anything 🙂

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

    • At 2013.07.04 11:22, Lynda @ all about mama said:

      Totally agree with this..I find myself saying this sort of thing to my kids on a regular basis. I also think it is up to the parents to foster and develop good, long lasting relationships between siblings. I think if you were to ask most people who do not get along with their siblings did their parents do anything about encouraging them to love and look out for each other you can be guaranteed that the majority would say no.

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