So if you live in Australia you would well know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills & Kate) along with young Prince George are visiting our shores.

I get the hoo-ha. I personally wouldn’t dedicate more than a few minutes of my day to read where they have visited but really not much more than that.

I understand that people are very excited to see the visiting royals. Fair enough.

But what drives me frigging bonkers is how much the media cares about what Kate wears on a daily basis.

And I mean, it’s more than “Kate looked lovely in that white dress she wore to The Royal Easter Show”.  News articles report the designer, the price, probably the source of the cotton used and of course predictions on how fast it will sell out.

Sell out? Far out! Who cares?

In a time when we are constantly telling our girls that you are worth more than the clothes that you wear, the message is contradicted by obsessing over what Kate has to wear.

Has anyone actually heard Kate say anything?? She is in a position of authority; her words should be more powerful than the clothes she wears.

I really don’t know much about Kate but I’m assuming she’s no dunce. She’s an educated woman who is in a privileged position to see much of world; tell us what you think Kate.  That is an article I want to read.

And perhaps Kate has made some brilliant speeches but that’s not what makes front and centre of the news. I feel like I would have to go searching for that.

But what Kate wears? Open up any news site on your Internet browser and you’ll see that bit of news in an instant.

C’mon mainstream media. You are concentrating on all the wrong things.


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  • At 2014.04.18 15:34, Grace said:

    Well said, Maria! But it wouldn’t be mainstream media if they didn’t stick to the dresses and how cute Prince George looks.
    I have a feeling it’ll be while until she actually makes significant speeches and I get that. She hasn’t been at this gig for very long. But even then, whatever she will say publicly will be carefully worded and edited. I don’t think we can expect her to be some sort of “world leading feminist” or anything. Can you imagine the chaos it would send the Palace?
    Now take Princess Masako – I really, REALLY feel for her. Harvard/Oxford educated. Degree in law also a Magna Cum Laude in Economics. Such potential and now? Shrivelled to the shadow of her husband. Future Emperor he might be but brainy as her he ain’t.

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