Today I present the Third/Last Born child.

The first book I will refer to is Teach Your Child by Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Her list of personality characteristics of Last born children include:-

• Security
• Confidence
• Spontaneity
• Good-naturedness
• Generosity
• Being spoiled
• Immaturity
• Extroversion
• An ability to empathise
• Feelings of inadequacy
• Feelings of inferiority
• Sibling rivalry
• Envy and jealousy
• Irresponsibility
• Happiness

The following is from Why First Borns Rule The World and Last Borns Want To Change It by Michael Grose.

His list of characteristics of third/last children include:-

• Risk takers
• Persistent
• Outgoing
• Charmers
• Ideas people
• Creative
• Challenge authority

Grose says that third/last borns fall into 3 categories:-

1. The Impatient Doer – Just Do It
2. The Ideas Person – Creative challenges are made for the divergent thinking of last borns.
3. The Salesperson – They are tenacious, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, know how to play and have fun.

Here are five strategies Grose recommends if you live with a third/last born child.

1. Don’t let them get lost
2. Give them responsibilities
3. Encourage them to make their own decisions
4. Put pressure on them
5. Let go – resist the temptation to hold on

What kind of parents do third/last borns make?

They are less likely to be a ‘fixer parent’ and will tend to go with the flow. Possibly less likely to over-protect and smother their children. Discipline is not their strong point.

Does anyone agree or disagree with this assessment of third/last borns?

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