Simply, only children are more like first borns..

The following is from Why First Borns Rule The World and Last Borns Want To Change It by Michael Grose.

His list of characteristics of only children include:-

• Achievement oriented
• Conservative
• Confident
• Articulate
• Healthy in their self esteem
• Inflexible

Grose says that only children fall into 3 categories:-

1. The Assured Individual – are happiest working on their own
2. The Ultra Perfectionist – expect the best and usually get it.
3. The Swinger – they can be the height of sophistication one minute and throw a tantrum the next.

Here are five strategies Grose recommends if you live or work with an only child.

1. Be playful, silly and risk taker yourself
2. Don’t over indulge your child
3. Don’t see the child as a mirror of yourself
4. Encourage your single child to mix with other children
5. Make sure your single child keeps pets

What kind of parents do only children make?

They prefer to have larger families want to give their children a carefree, fun-loving childhood. However, they do not have a lot of patience and do not tolerate mess and noise very much.

Does anyone agree or disagree with this assessment of only children?

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