I don’t know about you but my second born (Alex) is always the one that will say something to stop you in your tracks. Just a couple of weeks ago he announced that “everyday is a stranger’s birthday”. Insert warm and fuzzy feeling here.

When my daughter whined that it’s not fair there is no “Children’s Day” my son said, “That’s okay. We are our future children’s, mum and dad.” Wow. Forward thinking.

When my son was in kindergarten I went in one day to help in the classroom. My job was to supervise a word bingo game. It all started to get out of control when it became obvious some kids had more counters than others.

“We’re all winners” I pleaded.

“No, we’re not”, my son replied. Realist.

The rest of the game was abandoned.

But just today I found a notebook that reminded of a couple of other witticism courtesy of my son. This time aged 4.

So today he tried his best to be good. He came up to me just as he was going to bed and asked if he could play playstation tomorrow.

“I was good today Mum”, he said.

“Well I could see you tried to be good. Let’s see how you go tomorrow”.

“I’ll be good in my sleep”, he said hopefully.

And another.

Last week we had a particularly trying day.  He was getting frustrated with me and I was getting frustrated with him.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like to be 4 and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be 34.

Anyways….I said that I was going to go and sit in my bedroom and close my door.  No-one was allowed to come knocking on my door unless someone was dying.

A few minutes later Alex comes knocking on my door.  He comes in and hands me his white board with a message he’s just written.

Now Alex doesn’t actually know how to write any words other than MUMMY (which was at the top) and ALEX (which was at the bottom).

In the middle were properly written letters, but it was gibberish.

My heart melted.

I asked him what it said and he replied “I don’t know how to read Mum” and walked off.

And that’s my Alex. 🙂


  • At 2010.05.04 16:06, Enzo said:

    That last one is pure gold.

    • At 2010.05.04 17:17, Len said:

      Insert warm and fuzzy feeling here 🙂 I love it

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