Here are some news stories this week that were an interesting read.

The first Multiple Births to Cash Strapped IVF Mums on Rise discusses Medicare cuts to IVF patients has seen couples implant multiple embryos to increase the chance of pregnancy.  Even though carrying multiple babies is more dangerous couples feel they have no choice.

Australia: The Clucky Country?  The Safe the Children Report puts Australia behind Norway in terms of key economic, education and health scores.  I’m not quite sure what that means.  I’m not well versed in all things economic but on any given day the media will report that childcare costs are astronomical, paid maternity leave can’t come fast enough and the current system of Family Benefits Tax disadvantages mothers who wish to return to work.  There have been some inroads regarding Child Care Benefit being raised to 50% of out of pocket expenses but waiting every quarter to be reimbursed can be tricky for “working families” (I’m looking at you Kevin Rudd) when most people budget week to week.

As a first world nation, I would say Australia does look good on paper to have children.  But with recent news that Australia’s population may boom to 35 million by 2050 made many people nervous.

And with a vocal portion of society that feel that having children is a lifestyle choice so why should their taxes go towards paying for them I sometimes feel like a social pariah when I venture out with my four kids.

Lastly it is Mother’s Day this weekend; and while it is generally a happy day it can sometimes be a bit of a torture test for some.  Being a Mother Is About More Than Biology takes a look at that and how celebrating mothering should be more than just a lunch on the first Sunday of May.

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