As I type, this morning we woke to the news of a gunman in Norway shooting 80 youths at a camp and 7 people died in an explosion in Oslo.

It is a harrowing and horrifying attack on innocent people and once again we ask, “What the hell is the world coming to?”

Other news stories tend to pale in comparison to these sorts of events but my intention with this post was to bring stories that I found and related to families, parents and children; the topics I like to cover in my blog.

The first news story is Gen Y, although the most connected generation, are in fact lonely.

You will find that most parents that are on Twitter, Facebook or blog often praise the internet with helping them to keep in touch with a greater community. But this article says that Gen Y feel differently. I wonder why that is?

I remember spending a lot of my time in my teens and early 20’s on my own. I got to like my own company. Maybe we can connect the dots and say that social media has impacted Gen Y and their ability to be on their own. I don’t know. What do you all think about it?

And then I read story that there is a suggestion that Facebook can only be used by adults.

The Daily Telegraph is asking readers to participate in a survey to determine just hold is old enough to our kids to have access to technology.

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

Australian women who take maternity leave pay a financial penalty even three years after their return to work, research has found.

I suppose stories like these need to continuously be made news just to keep the subject front and centre and maybe, maybe one day women who take maternity leave won’t be disadvantaged when they return to work.

Here are two stories that fall into the ‘shake your head’ category.

The first is a mother who was in premature labour with twins had to travel 3 hours to get from a hospital in Campbelltown to Newcastle because of the lack of beds for her and her babies.

The second is some parents and doctors are colluding to deliberately misdiagnose school children as autistic so they can get help for other problems, a medical professional claims.
Parents are seeking the autism “label” because funding for the condition has increased and more assistance is available for autism than for other conditions.

Isn’t this kind of a self perpetuating scenario? Increase the instances of autism and the funding will come. But if the diagnosis is wrong, then the funding is just going down the drain because the kids aren’t getting the help they actually need.

Here’s an interesting article about a technique called Love-bombing: spending uninterrupted time with your children, and giving them all the affection and treats they want. The aim is that they regress to a state of emotional security and “reset” their minds, so they shake off their anxieties for good.

This isn’t really news to parents. It just has a name now. This technique has been around for a long time and it’s one of those ‘common sense’ approaches to parenting and helping your child get through a rough patch.

So there you have it. These are the stories that I found interesting this week.


  • At 2011.07.23 20:25, deb said:

    I saw the article re love bombing and wonder about the extent to which it can make a difference for a child who has more than your “run of the mill” stuff going on. A young child’s hard wiring can be really affected and I am not confident that love bombing would fix it… and of course it is common sense that a parent would show affection to their child as a standard practise… that’s my two cents anyway 🙂 …

    • At 2011.07.24 12:01, Maria said:

      Hi Deb,

      Yes you make a good point. Love bombing to me is like what a ‘mental health day’ is for adults. But if the problem is more severe and persistent over a long period of time ‘mental health days’ don’t fix it.

      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

    • At 2011.07.23 23:17, Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses said:

      It’s been an interesting week in news. And then the Norway news. That’s really rocked our family. We have an exchange student who only just left us two weeks ago to return home to Sweden. He and his family were heading to Norway for a holiday to spend quality time together. We’re praying they’re OK.
      PS. So lovely to meet you this week. Can’t wait for a chance to catch up again.

      • At 2011.07.24 12:14, Maria said:

        Hi Kellie,

        I hope the family is okay. It is something I will never understand.

        And yes it was great to meet you this week. 🙂

        Thanks for the visit.

        Love & stuff
        Mrs M

      • At 2011.07.24 14:54, Grace said:

        Love Bombing ? Yes, you’re right. It’s Parenting 101. It’s a bit cringeworthy that it’s presented to us like it’s some breakthrough news or recent scientific find. (*shakes head*)
        So, so sad with what’s happened in Norway.
        Were there this many terrorist attacks in our parents’ generation ???

        • At 2011.07.24 15:24, Maria said:

          Hi Grace,

          Well my parents lived through WWII. They were young kids. There was the Hilton bombing in 1978; the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games; Stalin was killing his own; Government leaders being murdered; Charles Manson…and these are from memory.

          Love & stuff
          Mrs M

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