I’m a date late with my news wrap. Actually 1 week and 1 day. (Took last week off).

Yesterday morning I woke to this news story

A two-year-old girl spent at least three days playing beside her mother’s body in a Wagga Wagga home before being found on Friday.

Doesn’t your heart just break? I don’t know what happened. Details are very sketchy but whatever the story is behind this headline, a child’s heart is breaking. And just the confusion this poor little girl would have felt is beyond comprehension.

And there is of course the “Life On the Line” article in the Sunday Life Magazine. This has been a talking point in the blogosphere. I would love to know what readers, who aren’t bloggers, make of this article.

Just before I published this post The Age took down the story. Very interesting. Hopefully to correct some facts that were incorrect and the put it back up. What I will say is this; if The Age is going to publish something then I hope they stand by it and put it back up.

When bloggers publish a post, they stand by it; for better for worse.

I read this week that having more children, well more than your average of 2, may help you to live longer. Hmmm interesting.

Now I’ve heard that women who have more babies can reduce the instances in which they will develop breast cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

I found it thoroughly amusing when the article said

More children was linked to increased deaths from heart disease but this was accompanied by a decrease in deaths from cancer and respiratory disease, the authors wrote in the journal Age and Ageing.

So basically it’s swings and roundabouts. Eventually something is going to be the death of you.

A video showing children as drug traffickers has sparked a fierce debate in Mexico, with some calling it a wake-up call while others described it as political manipulation or even child abuse.

Now anything that uses children to illustrate an adult problem usually gets my back up. But these are desperate times.

I sponsored a little girl from Mexico. When my 3rd child was born I went to Child Fund and said find me the most needy baby girl in the world and I will sponsor her. They came back to me with Yatana, a baby girl born in Mexico a few months earlier than my 3rd child.

She has the most gorgeous big brown eyes and the chubbiest cheeks. I want Yatana to grow up in a safe Mexico.

I can only assume, and hope, that this video will shock people into action.


  • At 2012.04.19 12:18, Daisy said:

    I heard about the little girl on our local news (we live near Wagga) and it was the leading story for that entire night and the next day, and they kept saying “up to six days”. I even wrote a blog post about it but couldn’t bring myself to publish. SO heartbreaking. I just can’t imagine how confused that little girl is, and how no one noticed this woman and her daughter for three days, let alone six!

    • At 2012.05.03 00:01, Maria said:

      I started looking around my house and thought is there enough accessible food and water. I mean I can’t believe I started to think that. Poor little girl. And I think about the mother too. What if she knew she was dying and there wasn’t a thing she could do.
      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

    • At 2012.04.23 17:03, kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said:

      This is my greatest fear. That something will happen to me (I am known to come down with rare and exotic ailments) and Boo will just go on his merry way and not even notice until the 2 minute noodles run out.

      I guess it is the fear of every carer.

      • At 2012.05.03 00:01, Maria said:

        Holy crap – rare and exotic ailments. You know what, that’s probably the good thing about twitter. If you don’t tweet or blog for long enough, someone is going to notice.
        I’ve heard of elderly neighbours having a sign like ‘if the front blinds are open by 9am, break down the door’ type arrangement.
        Thanks for the visit and comment.
        Love & stuff
        Mrs M

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