Did Tony Abbott actually ever clarify what he meant by ‘calibre’ of women?

Was it a value judgement?

Does he want more women to try and further their careers into senior executive roles without sacrificing income?

Is he worried that women who do make it into senior executive roles are giving up having a family?

Will the Coalition encourage father’s to take the same amount of leave?

What about those women who do not seek to climb the corporate ladder?

Is there another measurement of progress other than how many women make it into the upper echelons of the corporate world?

Does the Coalition want to take Paid Parental Leave out of the realm of ‘welfare payment’ and into ‘workplace entitlement’?

Is the Coalition truly trying to change cultural perceptions when it comes to family issues in the workplace?

Was not initially granting Labor MP Michelle Rowland a pair a brain fart on behalf of Chief Whip Warren Entsch or some entrenched ‘political screw you over one-up manship’ tactic?

Has the debate of family issues, workplace arrangements and entitlements changed in the last decade? Or are we still having the same ‘you want them, you pay for them’ and ‘my kids will one day be paying your pension’ arguments that were first had when the baby bonus was introduced?


  • At 2013.05.16 15:31, Dorothy said:

    I’m pretty sure that nothing has changed in the last decade, still lots of talk and very little action and change in the corporate and political worlds.

    • At 2013.05.16 16:00, Daniela said:

      I like your question about if there is another way to measure progress… Is the aim for everything in society to be split 50/50 between men and women? If so, is that a good aim to have?

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