If there’s one thing I hope for as a parent and that’s to leave the world in a better place than I found it and to hopefully mould future voters into being kind, compassionate, thoughtful people.

Which is why I love and hate the media in equal measure. It gives us all a voice to express an opinion even if it goes against our own; but that’s the beauty of it, hearing opposing views is not a bad thing. It makes you more aware.

But in the course of a week I was kind of alarmed at some news stories and disappointed at some of the comments expressed.

The first video link will show men on Fox News lamenting the increase of female breadwinners.

“Society being torn apart” and “society dissolve around us”. What does that even mean exactly? What are their terms of reference?

Why? Because a study has shown that now 4 in 10 households in the United States, the woman is the breadwinner.

If I was Will McEvoy from The Newsroom I would take a black texta and circle what is a statistic or fact. I would take a red texta and circle everything that was bullshit inflammatory value judgement language and then draw a big fat question mark over the whole thing because their conclusions are baseless and in now way relate back to any statistic they presented.

“Politicians won’t say it…they won’t admit this”, one gentleman claims. Do you think you it’s because it might not be true?

Let me put this to you. 4 in 10 households have women breadwinners that mean that 6 in 10 have men. The majority. It’s just as easy to conclude that we’re going to hell in a hand basket because of the male breadwinners.  But the men on Fox News didn’t see it that way.

Erick Erickson comments in the Fox News report about natural order of things where men are the dominant role and women play a complimentary role. Where are the dominant men in those single households where the woman is the only breadwinner?

Research methodology 101 people; correlation does not mean causation. Just stating that makes me feel very generous to the Fox News people.

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The next bit of news was shocking and heartbreaking for anyone who heard it.  A newborn baby in China was trapped in a sewerage pipe soon after birth.  Outrage and disgust ensued; primarily for the mother.

People made some comments about a more broadly societal problem in China with its 1 child policy. But I didn’t read much condemnation about the father of this baby.

In one regard, the overall disgust that a baby would be flushed down a toilet deliberately is heartening. The lack of understanding for the mother, however, was disheartening.

It was then reported a few days after Baby 59 was rescued that legislators in the Chinese city of Wuhan are hoping to introduce a fine for women who have children out of wedlock. Er….what about the men?

Are we then surprised that when the full story of Baby 59 was told we find that the mother hid her pregnancy because of the shame of it all. She ended up giving birth in a communal bathroom of an apartment block and when her baby fell into the toilet called emergency services, not a neighbour as was initially reported.

She doesn’t sound so heartless now. Just desperate.
This last story won’t send the Earth off its axis, still managed to bring about some nasty comments.

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Kate Winslet announced her 3rd pregnancy. On it’s own, not a big deal. But she already has 2 children to 2 different fathers. And now she’s adding a 3rd. What?

I really don’t know why this is a talking point but it is and apparently people lost their minds over it.

Does she get any points that she was, at least, married to each father when she had her children?

Gosh, she might have even been the female breadwinner in her house; well definitely would have been when she was a single parent. Kate what are you doing to us? And at the old age of 37 to be going again?

This article in Kidspot asks an excellent question. Why isn’t Kevin Costner, Mick Jagger, Clint Eastwood or Rod Stewart held up to the same standard?

So this brings me back to my original point. Media gives you insight into the best bits of the world and the worst; it gives us a chance to voice our own opinions but overall I hope media is used as a device to aid progress in a society; not misinform and distract people from the real issues.



  • At 2013.06.11 15:13, Naomi said:

    I have nothing to add, other than a furiously nodding head.
    well said, all of it.

    • At 2013.06.14 14:18, Maria said:

      Thank you.

    • At 2013.06.11 21:01, Carli said:

      Gah, I need a massive red texta after watching that! Who are these dudes?!

      • At 2013.06.14 14:17, Maria said:

        It’s amazing isn’t it?

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