Following on from my post “What’s The Best Way For Your Kids To Communicate With You?” something happens to reassure me that I’m doing an okay job as a parent.

My kids still confide in me. They still tell me their dreams, hopes, fears, aspirations, mistakes….crushes….and generally whatever else happened during their day.

Even as they get older.

By the time I was 10 I didn’t tell my parents anything. That’s not the sort of parents they were and that’s not the sort of environment they set up at home. And it’s still the same today. Even though I desperately needed to confide in someone, I was always met with lectures and criticisms about what I should have done or what I should be doing. Or I was too young or too foolish or whatever.

I lived in a highly critical household.

So I simply shut up shop. And that’s not what I wanted to happen with my kids.

At 9 years of age I overdosed on aspirin. I don’t really know why; to get attention or something. I think I can confidently say that my kids have never thought of overdosing on aspirin.

Parents instinctively want their kids to have a better life and kids I suppose think they can do a better job when they become parents.

I know I’m not perfect and mistakes will be made but I suppose as long as my mistakes aren’t so severe and my kids still feel like they can still come to me then I’ve done a better job than my parents.



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