How do you think you are going in your job?

It took a little while to find my feet, but I’ve got it somewhat under control now – at least as much as it can be under control in this role! I think I’m fitting in OK with the others, there seems to be a mutual respect growing there for the most part. I have a huge amount of respect for my counterpart.

Do you think you have met your KPI’s?

Mostly yes. It’s a tough question to answer as the job description was very loose to begin with. I would say that I am devoting more time to building relationships and that seems to be bearing fruit. It’s a very demanding environment and as such things can get very tense. I find that my team are approaching me more often for my help and that to me says that I’ve earnt their trust.

Do you feel your working conditions are reasonable?

The hours could be a little shorter, but I kinda expected that going in. It always seems like everyone else has more downtime than me, but you know what they say about the grass being greener… I have had to make a huge change in lifestyle and several sacrifices, but when you have a team of 4 people that depend on you each day to lead by example, you need to be prepared to make changes.

How about the pay?  Are you reasonably remunerated?

If I can be perfectly honest, the pay is terrible. The thing that sells this job is the fringe benefits. Without those, it would be very hard to continue in this role.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

All things going to plan, some team-building exercises and training should see our division blossom – really come into it’s own. I think a few of us are learning as we go, and the more we learn the more effective we become. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if my role changes significantly to allow for growth by the younger members of the team as they rise up through the ranks.

Do you have any grievances?

I have one member of my team that I need to pull into line. He’s proving a difficult nut to crack, but I don’t think that replacing him is much of an option. He has it in him to really develop  into the strongest member of the team… real leadership material… but he needs to find a way to keep his attitude in check if he wants to succeed. If he does that, I believe my job might be in danger….!

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