How do you think you are going in your job?

I was under no illusion with regards to the difficulty of this role when I first took it.  In fact I felt that I was thriving but as the team grew I have found myself stretched.  I feel that I still have a firm grasp on the role and the responsibilities even though the job description has changed.

Do you think you have met your KPI’s?

Mostly yes. I have set a high standard for myself which is a double edged sword.  I find myself striving to be better but at the same time sometimes feeling like I fall short of the mark.  I have difficulty in delegating resulting in compromised efficiency and incomplete tasks.

Do you feel your working conditions are reasonable?

There are two ways to answer this question.  Within the immediate working environment the working conditions are as I would expect them, so I don’t find them completely unreasonable, albeit difficult.

However, when I look outside of my immediate department there are some discrepancies.   There are questions about the validity and importance of my job; the choices I am given are limited making me feel like my hands are tied.

How about the pay?  Are you reasonably remunerated?

Well I’m actually losing money on this venture.  Outside of my department I feel that I am losing status.

However, I am often paid in kind from my team when I least expect it, which more than makes up for it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I hope to be far more efficient; if the team doesn’t grow in numbers, but continues to mature.  I also hope to see the team on a more even keel with management; I hope to be performing more like a “team” and less like a two tiered (management and subordinate) structure as it stands currently.

Do you have any grievances?

Yes, but again not from within my own division.  External influences are extremely frustrating and I feel at times they inhibit me from doing my job optimally.

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