How many of you could move back into the family home with your parents and siblings and live together again?

I’d imagine if you had a good time growing up, you look back on those times with fond memories. And if you’ve remained close long after you and your siblings have flown the coup it might not seem like such a bad idea.

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What about your relationship with your parents? Now that you are all grown up, could your relationship survive having to live with mum and dad again?

Well if you’re from a European background like me, it is expected to look after your parents in their twilight years but that is generally done in your home not theirs.

Does moving back into your parent’s home give them a certain authority over you because while this may have been your home for a long time, it is their house.

Me? If I moved back in with my siblings and parents I fear there would be bloodshed. You see I am the youngest so I’m not the one who got to choose the television show; I never got to use the shower when I wanted; I always got the least amount of chips.

I’m sure my siblings have their crosses to bare and their version of events will be vastly different to mine. And as for my parents, well… since my siblings and I have all moved out of home my parents run their household just as they would like it to be without having to endure, I mean enjoy, the company of children.

That said, since moving out of home we have all enjoyed ruling our own roost. I shower when I want, I watch what I want and I don’t have to scoff down the chips risking death just to make sure I get some.

Maybe I’m overthinking it; after all we’re all adults now. Moving out in the first place ensured that rite of passage. So, surely as adults we can peacefully negotiate our living arrangement.

Maybe mum would be pleasantly surprised how clean we can all actually be. It’s been a while since dirty laundry resided under my bed.

And those childhood squabbles, gone?

I asked a group of friends on the weekend if they could move back in with their parents and siblings and the instinctive answer was NO!

Mr M says he could probably live with his 2 sisters but not his parents.

A good friend moved back in with her parents bringing in tow a husband and a preschooler and has since added a baby to the mix. She moved in 18 months ago while her home was being renovated. And while she acknowledges that it has been a gracious gesture her mother extended to her, she also acknowledges that it has tested their relationship.

A former work colleague lamented the fact that his four adult children had all moved back in…at the same time. “Should have sold the house when I had the chance”, he said. “If I buy a flat, they can’t come running back home now can they?”

So where are you on this?

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