So here I am, 5 days too late to write my Monday post but here we go.

*whistling, scanning the room for inspiration*

Okay, so I have no inspiration right now because I’m mentally spent. Mr M is premiering his first feature film next Wednesday night and when one of the cast said “see you next Wednesday” I had no idea what he was talking about.

Last week my best friend rang me on her wedding anniversary to say hello and I completely forgot to wish her a happy anniversary. I remembered the previous day, but not on the actual day. I rang her today, 11 days late. She wasn’t upset; she understood that sometimes life gets the better of us.

My son turned 8 while we were away in New Zealand last week. I did remember his birthday in the morning and gave him a big motherly hug and smooches; but part way through the day I had forgotten. It was like I had ticked it off my list and therefore it was erased from my mind.

And yet I remember stupid crap like Jon Bon Jovi dated Diane Lane back in the 80’s. You know unless that bit of information wins me a huge pile of money at pub trivia, it needs to get the hell out of my brain.


Although I remember things like I must take 10 minutes everyday and just shut the world out. I remember that I must do some back and neck stretches. I remember that I must sometimes just do one thing at a time.

I must, I must, I must. But I never do…

But, perhaps all this forgetting is a blessing in disguise (or a message). If I can’t remember what it is that I have to do, then I can just do some back and neck stretches; or just shut the world out until I do remember.

Presto. Isn’t it funny how it all comes together in the end?

Even this blog post.


  • At 2011.05.13 17:51, Enzo said:

    Indeed 🙂

    • At 2011.05.14 00:43, Leanne said:

      You are so funny!!!

      • At 2011.05.15 00:40, Kleonaptra said:

        Oh 10 minutes to do some stretches. That would be lovely.

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