Mr M has recently released his first feature film The Tunnel. He is co-writer and co-producer of this film. Watch it.

But this process has been long and at times arduous. This move has been floating around for about 3 years. 4 if you include the minute Mr M and his business partner, Mr J, decided they wanted to make a film.

This thing has truly been a labour of love.

I’ve known about Mr M’s desire to make a feature since before we were married. I told him to do whatever he had to do but this was the time to do it. No regrets. So with that we travelled down the road of baked beans on toast for dinner and can I say we have mastered the art of being the struggling artist.

But after so many years that included late nights, anxiety attacks, zero bank balance Mr M’s dream played out on the big screen on 19 May 2011 and across computer screens worldwide.

“You must be so proud of him”, people would say to me.

“Yes”, I responded, because it was the appropriate reaction. But something sat a bit odd with me. I didn’t feel pride. I didn’t do anything to bring this film to fruition. Mr M did. All I did was not stand in his way; I understand that this is a huge contribution, but I didn’t put the hours in that Mr M did.

So as bizarrely as this may sound I don’t feel pride. To me feeling pride is taking some ownership of the outcome that you helped engineer in some fashion.

I take pride in my children because I am responsible for raising them.

Mr M is his own man who does his own thing and deserves all the credit because quite frankly, I couldn’t have pulled off what he did.

Am I excited for him? Yes. Do I think he’s awesome? Yes. Is he going to be a success? Yes.

You can download the film for free here and if you like what you see you can buy a frame here… if you feel inclined to help a struggling artist 😉

Or you can buy the DVD which has a whole bunch of extras here

And for more incentive, you can listen out for my fantastic voice work. I’m Pam 🙂

Here’s the trailer


  • At 2011.06.24 13:57, Steve davis said:

    A loving wife and 4 beautiful children… He was a success long before this film. 🙂

    • At 2011.06.24 14:00, Maria said:

      Awww, thanks Steve. How smooth are you!!

      Thanks for the visit.

      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

      • At 2011.06.24 16:55, Sarah_Kaye said:

        This is so ironic that i came across this blog post today. I just downloaded this movie this morning and am planning on watching sometime shortly. It looks really good and impressive.

        I feel even more excited about watching now knowing a little bit more about it’s background and where it came from.

        • At 2011.06.24 17:28, Maria said:

          I hope you enjoy it Sarah. Horror/thriller movies aren’t really my thing but even I enjoyed this movie…not that I’m biased 😉

          Thanks for the visit.

          Love & stuff
          Mrs M

        • At 2011.06.24 19:53, Robbie said:

          Mmmm, I think I can confidently say that Mr T. would not be the man he is today, were it not for you and the children. And I am almost sure he could not have achieved “The Tunnel” without your support, so I guess I’m saying it’s like you were just as much a part of the crew as……..the crew !

          • At 2011.06.24 20:32, Maria said:

            I do understand how my support was a big help. I heard plenty of stories from people who had less-than-understanding-partners and that was a huge stress.

            So I decided I would not add to his stress.

            But when things got tough, he worked them out. I certainly didn’t coach or guide through anything; or anything substantial.

            Love & stuff
            Mrs M

          • At 2011.06.25 22:21, Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses said:

            As my hubby always says: behind every good man is a good woman. You may not have physically done anything to help the film itself, but your support speaks volumes. Sometimes it’s not the big things we do, but the little things that count. xx
            PS. He’s one very talented man! This looks really great.

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