Courtesy of smh.com.au
Courtesy of smh.com.au

This week on smh.com.au the Beauty Beat blog ran a post about Hillary Clinton on recent trip to Bangladesh went “au naturel” and asked the question “Are You Ever Too Old For Makeup?”

Hillary looks alright. It’s not like she’s dishevelled. I’m sure her brain is still functional.

Back in February 2009 I wrote a post titled “Last Week I Bumped into Jeanette Howard” pretty much talking about the fact the clothes don’t maketh the man…or woman.

It’s true.  I was in my local Myer store looking for canisters to fit our variety of teas and there she was.  Her mobile phone rang and it got my attention; I looked towards her.  I instantly recognized her; but still I had to be sure.

As for the wife of a former prime minister she wasn’t all that striking.  I don’t really know what I expected but she really just looked like my mum.  No fancy shoes, no fancy bag, no fancy dress and no fancy hair.  She just looked nice.

Perhaps I’ve overdosed on Michelle Obama’s lemongrass suit she wore for the Inauguration and the white full length dress with crystals she wore to the Inauguration Ball.  Perhaps my perception of reality has been skewed a little this past week.

Jeanette Howard, during her time as Mrs Prime Minister, was accused of staying out of the limelight and not being vocal at all.  She just seemed like the dutiful wife that hosted dinners for international leaders of countries and industry but didn’t dare talk policy.  That’s what she was accused of.  Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know.

I’m sure Jeanette Howard and Michelle Obama have brains in their heads and can hold intelligent conversations with their respective husbands about their work.  Mr M discusses his work with me.  And I have been influential on him I’m sure.  Could it be possible to credit the wives of leaders as being instrumental in a policy change?

Quite frankly I don’t care who Michelle Obama wears and the emphasis on it I think is a little ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong; let the inauguration of a new president be a big deal.  Absolutely.  But wives of leaders are more than just a Stepford wives with nice dresses and cooking skills.

I’m not wearing any makeup today. Thankfully kids are forgiving. So readers, what do you think?


  • At 2012.05.18 00:37, Warren said:

    Hmm, I’ve always thought marie quite brave – she only wears makeup for special occasions – though, it was me that insisted she not wear makeup when we first met face to face so she wouldn’t then feel self-conscious without it. I like her better without it, anyway – I’ve never liked the ‘layered’ look of made-up skin up close (even just foundation).

    • At 2012.06.06 16:05, Maria said:

      Here’s a story that might amuse you.

      When the uni group would all go out to the city I would get dressed up; make up and all.

      One night I just didn’t bother because I had a bad day and just wanted to go out dancing to get rid of the bad vibes of the day.

      That was the night that Enzo said he first ‘noticed’ me. No make up, jeans, black tshirt and vans.

      Love & stuff
      Mrs M

    • At 2012.05.18 16:16, Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said:

      Best. Post. Title. Ever.

      • At 2012.05.26 20:00, Nicole aka _wideeyedgirl said:

        When I was on maternity leave I never wore makeup now I’m back at work I have to stop myself from reaching for the gap filler on the weekends. The thing is when you look in to the perfectly made up face of a colleague through your own smudged eyes I always feel a little deficient. Thanks for the reminder of how the facade is no where near as important as the inside. As Kelly said love the title too. Nic x

        • At 2012.06.06 16:07, Maria said:

          I usually get caught out when I see people who just put some eyeliner on, or a bit of lip gloss. Or even just some concealer under the eyes. Nothing much. I usually think to myself, ‘how lazy can I be that I can’t draw one line on my lid’.

          And I always think that women look amazing with the less is more approach. The ones who look most comfortable in their skin. Wrinkles and all. I want that.

          Love & stuff
          Mrs M

        • At 2012.06.02 18:16, Maid In Australia said:

          What a great post! When I was younger (and far prettier, slimmer, unwrinkled etc), I rarely went anywhere without make-up and was embarassed if caught without it. But as I’ve aged – gaining fat, wrinkles, freckles and the lot – I’ve grown more comfortable in my skin. Having kids and no time helps. But there are times when I just think: This is me, take it or leave it. Or I just can’t be bothered. Or I figure I look okay.
          I still put on make-up for work, but I might not bother for the school run, the shopping, breakfast on a business trip, or the next day with a new partner.
          The sky doesn’t fall in, my kids (the harshest critics) still think I look fine, and the men in my life seem to like me most when I’m fresh-faced. (Perhaps I look younger and more innocent LOL).
          I do sometimes feel lacking when I bump into perfectly made-up and groomed women, but I also know I prefer feeling less stressed and more accepting of my looks.

          • At 2012.06.06 16:11, Maria said:

            Oh Bronnie,

            I’ve been with my hubby for 14 years now so my body looked good.

            And not that I’m headed for divorce or anything like that but I do sometimes wonder if I ever did find myself single again, I don’t know how I would ‘reveal’ myself to the next lover.

            Love & stuff
            Mrs M

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